What To Know About Home Additions

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Learn More About Home Additions

When you’re looking for a great way to update or remodel your home consider the implementation of home additions. They can come in a variety of different ideas and styles and can increase the value of your home while adding more varieties of use for occupants.  From lounging, offices, living or workspaces you can increase the functionality of your home in many ways with home additions. There can be options for those on a budget as well as unique ideas that can add fun to the home. Home additions are an exciting way to refreshen your property, be sure to get in touch with a professional roofing company to bounce around ideas. Until then, here is what you need to know about home additions that can prove useful to the process of adding this exciting feature to your home!

How much do additions to homes cost?

The costs of home additions will range depending on the size of the addition, permits, materials, and labor. The national average for home additions is $80-$200 per square foot. What’s more, areas that have a higher cost of living can see a higher price, like San Francisco which sees an average of $330 per square foot.

How much does it cost to add 400 square feet to a house?

The cost of adding 400 square feet to a home will depend on several factors as discussed before yet adding a 20X20 family room, for example, will cost $48,00 on average.

Is it cheaper to add on or build up?

A bump-out is cheaper a home addition option and less expensive than a full-sized room. However, the cost per square foot is typically more than a larger home addition.

Home Additions on a Budget

Consider smaller ideas for home additions on a budget. Creating bump-outs such as a window nook, adding a walk-in closet, additional space for a bathtub or pace for a kitchen counter are all good ideas to save on costs.

How far can you bump out a room?

When you’re considering home additions that feature a bump-out you may have them as small as two feet or as far as 10-15 feet from the house. With cantilevers or small bump-outs without post supports, you’ll typically see them limited to two feet of depth. It all depends on the type of bump out you want essentially to see what recommendation is best.

Unique Home Additions

There are many unique ways to have home additions incorporated on your property. Home additons to front of house like converting a patio space into a sunroom is a great way to transform a space you already have. Another unique home addition could be to construct a bowling alley or dance studio. Any form of entertainment can be a great way to take away the factor of travel for games or practice areas for family members. Some people add putting areas or a skating ramp while others opt for a pool or sauna.

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Home Additions Ideas

  • Room Over Garage
  • Kitchen Add On
  • Bathroom Expansion
  • Mudroom
  • Front/Back Porch to Sun Room Change
  • Bump Out
  • Garage As Extra Room
  • Attic As Extra Room
  • Enhanced Laundry Room

Are home additions worth it?

Home additions are worth it if you would like an extra feature for your home. With home value, it can raise significant appeal yet some cases may not get more than a 50% return on investment. As such, this all depends on the market’s value.

How long do home additions take?

On average building a 900 square foot home addition will take between 2-3 months. This time frame doesn’t take into account the wait to acquire a permit. Hiring a contractor can speed up this process greatly.

Contact A Professional For Assistance

Home additions are a great way to upgrade the design and aesthetic of your home. They come with many different features and can provide great space for use. With the many options around it’s essential to do your research to see what necessity you may need. If not, it’s perfectly all right to implement home additions that upgrade on the leisure of your property. No matter the case, have your home additions handled by a professional roofing or construction company so you can get the quality results that you deserve. An expert will be able to match specifications, materials and more in order to have your home secured in the construction. They will also factor in any home system that may need adjustments. If for example you require additional plumbing hookups be sure to contact your local plumber for relevant plumbing services. Be sure to contact a professional to see what steps need to be taken for the process of incorporating new home additions to your property.

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